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Provenance: Ron Klug Collection.
Condition: Very Good.

This is a very interesting and well known gun because it was listed in Paul Shumaker's data base (He wrote the first Pocket '49 book in 1957 and a second edition of this book came out in 1966). The gun was also listed in Philip Boulton's data base in England. There is another London '49 with the identical serial number (SN 349) but it is a 5 inch with brass fittings. It is also interesting to note that it was not shipped until 1861 and went to an agency in Boston Massachusetts.

Pictured London Pocket #349 from the right.

Pictured London Pocket #349 from the left.

Serial number #349 date of manufacturing 1853 which is first year of production. Caliber .31 with 6 inch octagon barrel, brass pin front sight and 2-line "ADDRESS. COL: COLT / LONDON" with long finial brackets. Frame has large "COLT'S PATENT" on left side and the large loop steel trigger guard & backstrap which shows signs of silver plating. Backstrap contain a highly figured light English walnut varnished 1 piece grip with matching serial number in backstrap channel.
The butt strap is inscribed ”I.G. ALLISON” in nice probably English style block letters. Loading lever is an US-style lever with an outie screw.
Loading lever catch has complete serial number #349 on the inside surface, this is rare and only a total of three guns (including this one) are known with this feature.

Pictured serial number 349 in loading lever catch.

Pictured nice inscription in the butt strap.

Cylinder is 5-shots with a strong and nice ”Stagecoach Hold-Up” scene roll marking and all five pins are intact. Left side of the barrel lug & cylinder shoulders have English proofs.

Pictured the Stagecoach Hold-Up cylinder scene

Accompanied by its original red velvet lined, Colt London Agency, round edge, mahogany casing with empty shield in lid. Inside lid has a Colt London Agency "DIRECTIONS FOR LOADING COLT'S PISTOLS" label.
Bottom is compartmented for the revolver, cleaning rod, a bag shaped flask, an L-shaped nipple wrench, space for an cap tin and at the right rear an covered compartment.
This revolver contain an original full set of accoutrements, which includes a cleaning rod, L-shaped nipple wrench –screwdriver, Colts Patent 2 cavity bullet mold, James Dixon & Son bag flask, a scarce original packet Combustible Envelope cartridges and a Eley cap tin.

Pictured pasted loading directions in lid.

Pictured bottom compartment.

Pictured case lid.

Condition: Very Good
Matching numbers #349 including: Barrel, Loading Lever, Wedge, Cylinder, Frame, Arbor pin, Backstrap & Grip channel, the triggerguard has number #549, this is probably a mismatch because the number 3 and 5 are almost similar to each other. Barrel blue almost gone some traces left in protected areas. Rammer, loading lever, frame and hammer retain virtually original case colors. Cylinder shows minor traces of blue but has a nice patina and shows about 90-99% strong stagecoach holdup scene, and has all the safety pins. Trigger guard show a nice metal patina, backstrap & butt strap shows a nice light metal brownish patina. Grip is sound with sharp edges and a few scattered light handling & use marks and retains virtually 95% of its bright original varnish. Screws have domed screw heads and are in untouched condition. Mechanics are crisp, bright shiny bore with a few minor scattered spots of pitting. Case is in excellent condition with working English style lock, red velvet interior shows marks of use an lid contains original pasted label; flask retains 95-96% strong original finish with and bright fire blued spring, nipple wrench, bullet mold, cleaning rod, cap tin are in fine condition and a scarce original packet Combustible Envelope cartridges in excellent condition.
Estimate production of London made ’49 Pocket revolvers is 10.750 and only about 3000 are made with 6 inch barrel.

Pictured full set accoutrements.