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Provenance: Ron Klug Collection.
Condition: Excellent.

Springfield Trapdoor Model 1884 caliber 45-70 with serial number: 470742 manufactured somewhere between October and December 1889. Although the Springfield Trapdoor Model 1884 rifle is one of the more common of the Trapdoor production, they are rarely found in unissued condition as is this one. Accompanied by an original "U.S." marked, blued triangular bayonet with original Rock Island Arsenal Model 1885 scabbard with brass tip and U.S. rosette with leather frog, which is inspected and marked with the letters "P." and "J.K.", and original "Rock Island Arsenal-EHS" marked leather sling.

Pictured frog and rosette with U.S.

Pictured bayonet and scabbard.

This rifle is in usual configuration with 32 5/8 inch barrel, marked just a bit left from the top of the barrel at the breech end with the "V / P" and Eagle Head and a small "P", left side just above the stock an inspector mark "R" and at the top of the barrel an inspector mark "A". The barrel is suited with an original M1878 Second Type (cupped) ramrod , square base 3th type front sight - bayonet lug and correct "R" (rifle) marked Buffington rear sight. Breechblock is marked with "U.S. Model 1884" in three lines, the lock plate has the "Eagle with shield" motif next to the two line "U.S. Springfield" marking.

Pictured lock plate, hammer and breech block with all of their original finish.

Pictured nice strong case colors on the breech block.

Smooth straight grip walnut stock with two "U" marked barrel band, sling swivels with stacking swivel, a circled script "P", which means that this rifle survived all the test firings, and an sub-inspector mark "D" stamped behind the trigger guard, and a clear script "SWP/1889"(Samuel W. Porter 1889, Master Armorer 1879 till 1894) cartouche stamped on the left flat.

Pictured nice and clear SWP / 1889 mark.

CONDITION: Excellent.
Overall retains about all of its strong original arsenal blue on the barrel, barrel bands, trigger guard, and butt plate. Lock plate retains dark oil-quenched cased colors with crisp blued hammer. Breechblock and top tang retain all of their original brilliant cased colors. Mechanics are crisp, brilliant shiny like mint bore. Bayonet is equally new with only minor slight edge wear and a few minor scratches. Scabbard has a nice blue brown patina. Normally those rifles were used in the Indian-Wars and the Spanish-American War, due to the condition of this rifle it's plausible that this rifle has seen no or less service and could be an Arsenal piece in probably unfired condition.
The total production of the Springfield Trapdoor Model 1884 Rifle is 148.796.

Pictured nice and clear sub-inspector mark D and final firing test mark circled P.
You can see the nice original Arsenal blue on the trigger guard.